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The Laser Assisted Hair Transplant Method

When dealing with hair restoration alternatives related to  hair loss, in some cases, individuals may choose hair transplant surgery.
Hair transplantation is an operation that takes hair from the back of the head and moves it to the area of hair loss. The fringe (back and sides) of hair on a balding scalp is known as donor dominant hair which is the hair that will continue to grow throughout the life of most men. The transplantation of this hair to a bald area does not change its ability to grow. In summary a hair transplant basically means to take hair from one area of the head with hair and root it into another area of the head without hair. Then, the hair roots itself and begins to grow.

There are several sugical procedures used in performing hair transplants. Hair and Scalp Clinics uses the laser assisted hair transplantation method exclusively. The laser assisted hair transplant method is virtually painless and the surgical procedure is undetectible in a matter of days.

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Many people don’t know that  if your hair loss is only moderate, it may be that your eating habits are causing the problem and your diet needs to be assessed. Other reasons are quite natural and you may be aware of a surrounding problem such as stress, mental tension or a hormonal imbalance. Others such as exposure to chemicals or cosmetics may not be so obvious. If your problem has not caused any damage to hair follicles themselves then there is a good chance that the hair will return. Surprisingly, women account for nearly 4 in every 10 sufferers in America today; so it is not, as commonly thought, a male problem.

The optimal hair restoration  option for your hair loss situation will be determined following a consultation with John Satino. This is normally conducted by phone and by mailing a small hair sample for analysis.
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